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Turistika v Benátkach

A timeless city of more than 100 tiny islands surrounded by the vast Venetian Lagoon
Venice is an enchanting city that casts visitors under an intoxicating spell. It’s dreamy and romantic, with an undercurrent of mystery and drama. And while Carnival is only once a year, its mood is present year-round. The Grand Canal is the center of activity, with gondoliers singing to the passengers in their boats. The magnificent Piazza Sam Marco is another must-see hub. Along the winding streets you’ll find stylish cafes and gelaterias, souvenir shops and small businesses, plus Renaissance palaces and Gothic churches. After you've climbed the Campanille and visited the Gallerie dell Accademia, stroll through the surrounding neighborhoods, where locals eat cicchitti and drink their vino in unfussy bars and restaurants.
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