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Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park
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4 Miles From the Sequoia Park Entrance. Foothills area in Sequoia, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park, CA
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This campground can be booked on-line. We did not have reservations and we got lucky to get the last space Saturday morning at noon. Check-out is noon, and fortunately for us the prior night's guest had just left. One has to pay $35 per vehicle to enter Sequoia National Park. The nightly campsite fee is $22 unless you have an America the Beautiful pass, in which case it is $11.00, plus you get into the park free. The elevation is about 2800'. There are 28 campsites. There is a full time camp host living on site, space 28, and as such we assume this has taken care of the partying complained about in other reviews. Vehicles longer than 22' are not allowed on the road into the camp, which means one can either tent camp, or camp in a mini-van. We saw two rental camping vans at the campground; the rest of the campers were in tents. Some of the sites are very small, as was the campsite we stayed in, #21. We have a large tent and we were able to move the picnic table in order to accommodate the tent. Some of the sites are more conducive for a camping van, as they have a concrete pad and a parking space with little room for a tent. Also, some of the spaces are sloped and rocky. Along with the picnic table, there is a fire ring. Most of the spaces have shade. It does get very very hot here in the summer. The river is raging this year due to all the rain we have had this winter. The water is pretty much all we heard in the campground. Everyone was very quiet day and night. There is a trail to the water, and another hiking trail. There was poison oak on the trail, which is currently overgrown with grass. There were mosquitoes for a couple of hours at sunset, but the Off worked well. There is no firewood, so bring your own. Also, there are no water spigots, other than the two outdoor sinks. There are 4 restrooms. 2 unisex restrooms each with a sink, toilet and urinal. There is a men's restroom, and a women's restroom, each with two toilets. There are no showers. We found the bathrooms to be clean. It is a 45 minute drive to the Giant Forest, where the General Sherman Tree is located. One can certainly use this campground to see part of the park. This campground is a little slice of camping paradise.
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This is a very beautiful place. It is just off the main road and anyone can find it easily. There are some great sites to catch either on your way in, your way out or while you are there. Nice swimming holes and the river runs nicely pass the campground. The campsites are a nice size and mostly level, no trailers only tent spots. During the week it is very peaceful and you can relax. The weekends are a different subject, can get a little loud and crazy sometimes. But, I have never had a problem when asking the neighbors to turn it down a bit. It is a fun place and the spice on the weekends only makes it more of an adventure.
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Grest secluded campground just for tent campers. No trailers are allowed. It's situated in the foothills of Sequoia National Park. The winding, narrow road leading to the campground is an adventure. This campground is situated on a steep hillside in an area that is somewhat level in places. There is shade and big boulders. The sound of a mighty rushing river can be heard from the campground and one can hike down to the river. The bathrooms were clean. There are no showers at this campground but there is 2 outdoor sinks for washing dishes, or a dog, as I witnessed a camper doing on one of the nights were there. We saw no bears. The bear boxes were roomy and held all of our food items. We would return again.
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このキャンプ場の一番良い事は川がキャンプ場の直ぐそばにあり楽しめる事です。セコイヤの中でも暑い場所なので泳ぐには適しています。かなり深くなっている場所もあるので注意です。  一つ残念な事は夏の終りに近づくと山火事防止のためにキャンプファイヤーが出来なくなることが多いことです。
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Got a nice place (#20) that is also handicap accessible (you can only get it if it is the last one available) - has barely any shade so keep that in mind if you are planning more than just 1 nighter. You have food storage for bears and trash cans near by. PRO: the most amazing water stream just 5 min walk from the camp. WOW. CON: the toilet is not that clean, no showers (but, hey, you can go to the stream). If you order online, a sign will be waiting for you next to the spot with your name and number of nights. love it
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buckeye flat campground hotel sequoia and kings canyon national park
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